Summer Indie Spotlight!

Summer is upon us, and what better way to spend as much of it as possible than reading great books?

My friends at Periapsis Press are running an Indie Author spotlight to bring attention to some most deserving SFF authors.

Check the descrip:

Join Periapsis Press this summer for our 2022 Indie Spotlight, supporting indie authors by drawing attention (and hopefully reviews) to three new releases!

Each month, we will read one book and post a review, an excerpt, and an interview with the author. While Periapsis Press is spearheading this event, there are a number of other blogs that will be posting reviews of these titles, too!

You can also participate in the event by reading along, reviewing the book yourself, sharing the reviews on social media, and tuning into the live book discussion at the end of each month.

There’s even a potential prize of not one, but three killer books.

So watch this space for my contributions in reviews, and any updates that come along!

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