December State of the Multiverse


Not everything has gone according to plan, but it is all in motion!

What I thought would happen:

I planned to have three more novels out by the end of December but with coronachan curveballs, my work situation and general life surprises I'm not going to hit that goal. 

One of the pieces I wanted to release was the cyberpunk gamelit semi-noir piece, but as much as I love the world that sprung up around the story, I want to spend more time developing the gamelit world involved and that time is not now. You will have to wait at least one season to meet Gun and Octavia.

I'd also hoped to polish and release Hero's Metal 2. As my first written sequel, I've had a lot of mental back and forth concerning my feelings for this piece. For a while I thought I might need to rewrite it from scratch but currently I'm feeling good about it again. Editing and polish will come in the next couple of months and I will let beta readers tell me what they think since my perception seems to be clouded.

It's got a ton of cool stuff in it, remains weird and metaphysical, and is at least as prog metal as the first book if not more. Whatever happens in the process, I'll be really excited to release it when it's ready.

What is going to happen:

My third projected fall release will be ready, though I may still delay it until after New Year's as I consider supporting it with a small crowd fund. I'm currently working with the cover artist and prepping for a final edit. I'll make a longer post about this book but the short version is that it's a YA style sci-fantasy (still for everyone to enjoy) with academy elements. The working title is the titular character's name, Rattan, but I may go for something more trendy and descriptive. Watch the site for a post on this!

As mentioned, Hero's Metal 2 will release in spring as well.

Episode 1 of my fantasy space opera is 75% complete and I am extremely excited for this one. This draft will be done in the next week or so. I would like to drop the series all at once when all three episodes are ready. I plan to release three singles and an omnibus for those who prefer such things.

Plans for December:

Do the work to release Rattan

Jam on a Santa Claus pulp story.

Shape and paint HM 2.

Plans going forward:

Next novel up to write is Arc Legacy 2, working title Song of the City, in which Jon and friends help to begin the restoration of Enkann to its former glory. Relationships go deeper, magic gets wilder, and the mad god gets madder.

After that comes a piece I'm calling Urban Archaeology but that's obviously a very rough working title. If you want to visit a world with dystopic features, a cataclysmic event that's brought magic myths to life, a cerebral hero, mysterious ancient ruins, advanced VR and AR, and a werewolf mentor who's a three letter agent, this is the jam for you.

So there's plenty in the works! I'll appreciate any prayers you've got for stability, health, peace, diligence and an expansion of my time so I can get as many as six books out in 2021. Thanks for reading.

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