The year continues the trend of not adhering to the plans I specifically set for it. How dare it do this to me!

But seriously, while most things are on track, they are running slower than I'd anticipated, mostly for personal reasons. So, for those interested, here is the state of things. 

Children of Asha is a sci-fi fantasy novel that starts in a military academy.

I wanted to have it out by this month, but in reviewing it myself when I sent it off to a beta reader, I discovered some broad changes I want to make, specifically concerning the characters. I'm waiting for a reader to be done so I can assess their critique too, and then will commence with the adjustments. The cover is ready, so as soon as the manuscript feels right to me, I'll get this one out!

I'd enjoyed rapid progress on the furry, punky, Christian novella Life City until my freelance queues got out of control. I've been on a slow down for a few weeks but I anticipate things speeding back up again soon. 

This little story has been really fun, and I was intrigued by the way it insinuated itself into my schedule and demanded attention. So much for plans! I recently got the art for the cover, betraying myself by buying original art rather than using stock stuff as I'd considered. The wallet hurts a little but it's pretty to look at. I'm excited to share the cover when I'm happy with the typography.

After that I've planned a deep dive into Out of the Deep, sequel to How Black the Sky. It's long since drafted but needs a good hard look so I can make sure it's doing everything it needed to. I'm still surprised by how much different it was to write something unrestrained and sometimes gonzo on command, rather than just letting it flow like the first book. It's got a lot of fun to live up to!

Beyond that, one installment of my planned space fantasy trilogy is written and waits on editing. I had planned to finish that tril during the summer, but the advent of Kindle Vella has me revisiting my schedule. I've got some ideas for that I'll cover below.

Besides my cyberpunk, archaeological adventure, and a few other stories begging to be written/finished, I want desperately to dig into Arc Legacy 2, currently titled Song of the City, so that I and those interested can find out what happens next with Jon, Bahabe and Dahm. 

On Kindle Vella:

I'm actually thinking of releasing Children of Asha in this format. I'll leave it up long enough to gauge interest, and when it seems to have run its course I'll take it off Vella and publish to Kindle.

I would also like to prepare one of two litRPG concepts I have in mind to release to Vella, but I very much want them to be complete so I don't have to worry about weekly deadlines.

What do you, dear reader, want to see from me on Vella? I'd love some comments!

All in all it's a lot to be working on, enough to be full time were I able to do so. If anyone out there is waiting on something in particular, I thank you and I pray patience! It will all manifest in due time, hopefully sooner than later.

Book Review: Somewhither by John. C. Wright

From the description on silverempire.com:

All Ilya Muromets wanted to do was save the girl. Maybe Penny would get his name right as he swooped in to rescue her from her mad scientist father’s machine. And then they’d get married and live happily ever after.

Armed with only a squirrel gun and a samurai sword, he manages to fall into another world entirely. Alone.

Without saving Penny.

Ilya is captured and brought to the Dark Tower. A place where every man knows all the failures and successes of his life. A place where every man knows the day he will die. Everything the Stars have written will happen the way they proclaim.

Ilya’s only way out is to swear fealty to the dark lord. An action the Stars claim he cannot avoid. They want his recently discovered power for their own, and they’re willing to torture Penny to make him submit.

But Ilya doesn’t believe in the destiny the Stars give him. He’ll make his own, even if he dies doing it.

And in the highest heights and deepest depths of the dark tower, Ilya must discover who he really is.

Science Fiction Grandmaster John C. Wright leads readers through a break-neck coming of age story as Ilya rushes to rescue the girl and save the world. His trademark imaginative world and over-the-top action will delight fans of his work.

Will Ilya find Penny in time to rescue her?

And can they escape the Dark Tower when the Stars know their every move?

The Mythos Project, or Conservative Retellings

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