New Release in Hero's Metal!

I most definitely went through fire and rain with this one, and I’m extremely happy (and relieved) to release it into the wild!

This book is Hero’s Metal 2 of 4, Out of the Deep. Here’s the blurb:

Pierce and the heroes of Gorgonbane defeated the subterranean conqueror Kash one year ago. Since then, monster infestations have increased a hundredfold. It's good for business, but bad for the citizens of the reluctantly joined nations.

When a strange new entity crashes a dangerous extermination mission, everything falls into chaos.

Revelations about the world and whispers of a new form of magic litter the path from doom to an unexpected beacon of hope.

What is the Underlord Kash's prophesied threat? Can Gorgonbane save the continent from destruction? And who will Pierce have a crush on next?
Find out in Out of the Deep - Hero's Metal, book two.

I did my best to put in more of what readers liked from How Black the Sky, while also expanding the world and making sure to sate my own desires. The result is a fast-paced adventure that transitions the series into a clearly longer arc than what might have been suggested by How Black.

Along with the release of Out of the Deep, I’ve also prepared what I’m calling a demibus, or a limited edition ‘double feature’, which includes How Black and Deep in one volume. I was quite happy with the heft of the paperback and very much enjoyed commissioning the art -

- which you may remember from Pierce’s visit to the Everlasting Temple in How Black.

The plan here is to release a new edition of the demibus for book 3, and then the true omnibus for book 4. It’s a bit of an experiment, so we will see how it turns out!

I sincerely thank my wife, as well as the other readers who read for beta or review, including Periapsis Press, who agreed to review the book on their site!

After this launch, it’s on to more new things, and once my brain has reset, we begin work on Hero’s Metal 3: Fear the Four Towers!

Thanks for checking in, and I hope you enjoy the books. God bless! 

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