New Release - Life City, a novella

I've been really excited about this one and I hope you all enjoy it too.

The blurb:



The uplifted animals of Life City are used to destructive alien incursions from above. Everyone knows how to fight back.

Heroic rock band Magikrash makes a living playing music and fighting invaders, but there are some threats they may not be prepared for...

When a new and disturbing trend pops up in Life City, punk singer Saqi and her bear bassist Barley must discover how to save their brainwashed friends, and the city.

Vibes of classic Saturday Morning cartoons, punk rock and metal, synthwave, and fast-paced adventure combine for an uplifting read with the Lamb at its heart.


I was in between working on a space opera series and sequels to CTP and HBTS when this idea popped into my head. I'll do another post or video about it if anyone seems interested in the story (I think it's interesting), but ultimately I'd call this my first fully CF (Christian fiction) piece.

It is not what you'd normally find on the CF shelf.

But it's fun, accessible, and a quick read! Get your copy today.

More Hero's Metal is coming up next!

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