Serial novel now available on Kindle Vella!

 I just couldn't resist jumping in the pool on the ground floor of this bandwagon...

Aw come on, you know it makes sense.

Anyway, check out my latest, Children of Asha, in Kindle Vella now!

I tag this one as academy, survival, sci-fantasy, slightly dystopian (you'll see) and melancholy (at least compared to my other novels so far).

What's it about?

Rattan, like all second-born children of the nation of Asha, must report to a military academy/finishing school for training before serving the country in her tour of duty. She's always assumed, as most of us do, that the people in charge have her best interests at heart. Spoiler alert: they don't.

I sincerely tried to do something different with this one and I hope you enjoy it, along with the rest of Vella!

Asha is fully written and thus I'll update it every day until all 24 episodes are out. Check it out, and a thousand thanks should you deign to drop a fave on it.

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